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Set long before The Autorise Domain, Artificial Infiltration follows Esther and Mira — two androids on a mission to infiltrate a luocan camp — as they go undercover to discover what has been happening beyond the Domain’s borders. No one in camp knows that they are artificial intelligence, but with how close they are to danger at any given moment, it is only a matter of time before somebody finds out.

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To the Wolves

Life is not kind to the unrepetant. Hiding out in the middle of the Canadian wilderness from the authoritarian Autorise Domain, Alph Clements meets Willow: an aloof, feeble young lady with a lot of things to hide — her family’s lycanthropy, more than anything, making her a worthwhile target to the Domain. With the Domain out to detain Willow’s family and Alph, fate will send them on a run for their lives and freedom and walls will fall as these fugitives grow to learn what makes a real family.

The Autorise Domain

A civil war for independence from the Autorise Domain is about to begin. A massive cybersecurity attack ruptures the Domain as it scrambles to deploy its super-advanced etternel droids across all its cities. But before the Domain can reestablish its broken databases, one of their droids is infected with the misajour virus: a faulty program designed for performance enhancement — but left unchecked, will override the etternel’s normal logic beyond the intended capacity. Among the effects of the virus are improved strength, greater cognizance, and a quality otherwise unbeknown to AI: pathos.

Caught in the middle is Naomi Roche: a girl about to enter adulthood right when her father and his partner are arrested. Left to look after Robert, the son of her father’s partner, she and Robert discover the misajour-infected android passed out in front of their house.

From here, the android (now named Augusta), Naomi, and Robert continue the work of Naomi’s father: to escape the Domain and one day liberate all its people from the regime.