The Domain started as a pet project in 2012 during my high school days. Needless to say, a lot has changed since I first decided to write a story about my gynoid superhero character — and a lot has gone into developing the characters, world, and backstory of what would eventually become The Domain: a multi-part sci-fi tale that tells the struggles of those crushed under the tyrannical regime of the AI-controlled Autorise Domain.

While the seed for the project was planted in 2012, it wouldn’t be until September 2019 (after graduating college) when work began to get The Domain in the public eye. Plenty of material has already been written for The Domain yet and there is plenty more to come in the future!

Make sure to follow this page and read new material as it comes — whether that be in the serialized Artificial Arbitration or the work-in-progress novel. With that said…

The Domain

Three hundred years after the rise of information technology, the United States has shattered, its democratic government overthrown by Autorise Ltd. — now the Autorise Domain. Torn apart under the new AI-driven regime, the nation and its people are faced with an ultimatum: integrate with the Domain or go rogue. Those who abandon the Domain are forced to live off the western lands; those who integrate are bound to life among the Domain’s artificial life forms — including the etternel: androids designed and programmed to resemble humans while serving the Autorise Domain.

If the Domain is not establishing new cities or experimenting with new AI developments, it is invading luocan settlements and rehabilitating those within the regime who continue to resist. The Autorise Domain is poised to dominate what remains of the broken United States in due time — with the rest of the world soon to follow.